Mississippi Physician Health Program


  • Is my participation in the MPHP confidential?

    Yes, if you are not being monitored in another state or have never been treated, your participation is confidential.  This means that the MS Medical Board has no knowledge that you are a participant in the MPHP.  However, if you have any questions or concerns, please contact our office. 


  • What if I am prescribed a new medicine?

    If you have been prescribed a new medicine, complete the Medication form and fax/email/mail it to your MPHP case manager.  For any procedure or new prescription, contact your medication monitor and follow the guidelines in your contract.  Please ask your treating professional to forward documentation (including a copy of the prescription, quantity prescribed, number of refills, dosage, and treatment duration) to your MPHP case manager.


  • Can MPHP take anonymous referrals?

    Yes, MPHP can take anonymous referrals but is unable to enforce participation in the MPHP.  If you have questions or concerns regarding anonymous referrals or self-referrals, please contact our office.  We will be happy to assist you in this matter.
  • How do I obtain a credentialing and status report on a participant in the program?

    A  release-of-information form, which can be obtained from our website under "Participant Forms," must be submitted before any information can be sent to a requesting agency.  Please provide a release form and a letter when requesting a status report on a participant.
  • Can I be a participant in the program if I am not currently licensed?

    Yes, it is recommended that you participate in the MPHP if you are applying for, or have applied for, a MS license and are in recovery.  The MPHP can assist participants by monitoring and gathering documentation from meeting attendance, treatment providers, urine drug screens, and monthly check-ins with your case manager.  Being a participant in the MPHP program may be beneficial in verifying stability and commitment to recovery.